Denver Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Services

A well-manicured, good-looking lawn can complement your property while setting the foundation for a beautiful landscape. Cultivating and maintaining a nice lawn, though, can be a challenge, especially if your daily life doesn’t leave time for lawn care.   

Whether you are planting a new lawn or you need help revitalizing or maintaining your lawn, you can count on the lawn care professionals at Denver Sprinkler & Landscape, Inc.

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Our Lawn Care Services

At Denver Sprinkler & Landscape, Inc., we provide comprehensive lawn care services, including (but not limited to):

Lawn mowing – Our lawn mowing services include weekly mows with string trimming. Each week, we vary the direction of the cut in order to reduce unsightly mowing marks and directional growth of turf. After each mow, we blow off all surfaces to leave your site in pristine condition.

Lawn fertilization and weed control – To optimize the health, growth and appearance of your lawn, we use newer, controlled-release fertilizers that require fewer applications while providing the same nutrients and benefits to your lawn. This provides value to both your lawn and you, as you’ll save money with fewer fertilizations each year (and your lawn will still be nourished and look great).

Lawn disease measures – While we cannot guarantee a remedy for diseased lawns, we do offer a series of services that can help reduce the unsightly scars and improve the look of these lawns. In addition to fertilization, weeding and mowing, we offer the following services for treating diseased lawns:

Core aeration


Power raking

Overseeding/slit seeding

Gypsum applications

Lawn insect pest problems – When pests damage lawns, we can evaluate the safest and most effective methods to control them. Many times, gentle, more environmentally friendly products can be used to control insect problems without presenting a risk to those who live or work at the property.

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As a full-service landscape company, Denver Sprinkler and Landscape, Inc. is home to a team of highly-trained, fully licensed and fully insured professionals. With 60+ years of combined lawn care and landscaping experience, we have what it takes to cultivate and maintain beautiful lawns and landscapes for any residential or commercial property.